Basic information
  • Time:Saturday, 17th, November, 2012
  • Venue:Sydney Hall, 8th Floor, Marco Polo Shenzhen Hotel, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.
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Supporting organizations
  • Guangdong Flat Panel Display Industry Association
  • Guangdong Light Emitting Diode Industry Association
  • Guangdong Organic Light Emitting Diode Industry Association
  • Shenzhen Lighting Association
  • Shenzhen Light Emitting Diode Industry Association
  • Taiwan Electronic Equipment Industry Association
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Audience group

Product managers and those who are interested in upstream and downstream of the LED sectors ,as well as engineers involving in the manufacturing, R&D, designing and quality managing of LED chips and materials, sealing and heat dissipation, device and module and illumination.

All core technicians and people in charge of relative departments from application fields such as lighting companies, architecture companies, designing academies, municipal street lights and car manufacturing.

People from LED lighting standard and detection, test and measurement organizations.

People from scientific research academies and universities as well as veteran media specialists.

Background specializing in analyzing the LED market, has the widest range of LED information and is one of the most authoritative LED platforms in China. As the trend of developing green and low carbon economy goes globally, the development of LED is becoming more and more promising. As a characteristic solid state lighting source, LED has endless innovative applications; and it also involves with many other subjects such as optics, semiconductor, electronics, machinery and heat dissipation. As for how to realize innovation in the course of integration and how to seek new business growth in the next five years, all these are focuses of OFweek 2012 the Ninth seminarEN of LED Cutting Edge Technology and Market seminarEN. Based on the last seminarENs, this time we will centralize on two special topics: the development of Chinese LED technology, LED innovative applications and product designing.

Meanwhile, in order to help enterprises better understand the current situation in the industry and their future development trend; we will introduce some industry elites, excellent products and outstanding enterprises and companies to promote the spirit of innovation, and work with industries associations, experts and specialists as well as industry elites and outstanding enterprises so as to launch 2012 Annual Appraisal and Awards for Semiconductor Lighting Industry, awarding excellent products, technologies and outstanding enterprises to build a sound and healthy market for the industry.

The focuses and highlights of 2012 conference
The Development Prospects of Chinese LED Technology market
LED core technology
LED standards and detection, test and measurement technologies
LED sealing and dissipation technologies
LED device and module
LED and OLED displaying technologies
LED chips and materials
LED innovative application and product design
Solar PV and LED lighting
LED indoor illumination
LED street lighting
LED commercial lighting
LED automotive lighting
LED special lighting

Selective special topic sessions for LED technology market, which will discuss deeply on the hot issues and difficulties in the industry, promote the building of innovative system for manufacturing, designing and construction applications and will be the new engine for the solid state lighting source to enter mainstream lighting market. These sessions will systematically introduce the latest thinking and development of semiconductor from all aspects, rapidly improving technology development.

Looking forward to the development of semiconductor lighting in the next five years; 2012-2016 the Report on Surveying the Chinese LED General Lighting Market and Forecasting Its Development---released by OFweek Industry Research Center, will forecast the global development with unique aspects and thus helping Chinese enterprises make countermeasures.

With timely and prospective plan, we will invite more than 500 excellent LED talents from home and aboard, famous enterprises as well as veteran experts to present a more extensively and profoundly effective semiconductor lighting annual appraisal party to the world.

Having dinner party with top talents from the semiconductor lighting industry; it’ll be yours best opportunity to find your partners and seek business opportunities from upstream and downstream sectors.

The analyses of professional audience of 2011 conference
426 persons professional audience attend, the following is part of them:

We have the distinguished representatives, who are involved with LED driving power supply, packaging and testing, LED ends application and LED accessories, from Eitens,SHENGYI TECHNOLOGY, Kaifa, TSINGHUA TONGFANG, Cnlight, LIANTRONICS, Midea Lighting, KONICA MINOLTA, EUROFINS, DH Lighting, IRICO GROUP, HANDSON, ABSEN, KINGLIHGT, HONGTAI OPTOELECTRONIC, Elec-Tech, Jufei Optoelectronics, INTELED, Baojing Photo-Electric, TCL Lighting, MOSO, Ismeca Semiconductor, Goldenmars.