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According to statistics provided by Optical Society of America, the global optoelectronics market growth rate will remain at 6% in 2015, and is expected to reach $500 billion, of which $100 billion will come from the optoelectronic products. In 2015 the laser materials processing market showed sign of weakness, with only a slight increase of over $500 million compared with 2014, reaching $9.7 billion. With lasers entrance into the dental market, the medical laser sales continued to grow. Revenue from the consumer electronics markets in developing countries will exceed that of their developed counterparts. 75% of the laser marking systems will come from China, and the Chinese and foreign outstanding laser manufacturers will continue to focus on high power materials processing and the high-end laser device research markets.

Laser has become a competitive manufacturing tool, and the sole solution in many manufacturing environments. Over the next few years, advanced lasers will continue to flourish in the new carbon fiber reinforced composite materials manufacturing in the automotive field, as well as in some micromachining. As product manufacturing is increasingly associated with laser, companies such as Apple and Google also seek laser talents. The outstanding enterprises have realized that the company's laser talent is essential to accelerate the implementation of the laser manufacturing technology, and to effectively improve efficiency.

OFweek Laser Seminar is a distinguished year-end gathering of the laser and photonics industry in 2015. As an primary channel for the industry's professionals to gain insight of the laser market, the seminar will focus on advanced laser technology and application in the fields such as the automotive, shipbuilding, semiconductor, medical, display and optical communications. It will provide multi-angle coverage of the industry's significant progress, and the analysis on the inter-related industries' intrinsic connection. Through the in-depth discussion with the industry veterans you will be able to sort out ideas and to stay ahead in the business.


Time Registration & Opening Speakers
13:00-13:30 Registration
13:30-14:00 Opening speech Academic specialist
Time Keynote Speakers
Session 1 Cutting-edge laser technologies
14:00-14:30 1. Laser technology trends and future applications 2015 Renowned specialist
14:30-15:00 2. Fiber laser / CO2 / semiconductor laser technologies and applications Renowned specialist
Session 2 Laser technology application
15:00-15:30 3. Optical components and application Cooperate representative
15:30-16:30 4. Laser micro- and macro-processing technologies and latest development Cooperate representative
16:30-16:50 5. Industrial laser processing technology and application Cooperate representative
16:50-17:10 6. Laser technology application in the new energy field Cooperate representative
Time Awards Ceremony Attendees
17:10-17:30 OFweek Laser Awards Ceremony 2015 Judges and nominated companies


Who will attend?

  • Manufacturers of medical lasers, laser displays, laser remote processing, precision processing, automotives, electronic semiconductors and so on;
  • Parishioners in the traditional application field of laser technology;
  • Management-level representatives of laser product makers and technology research institutions;
  • Testing and control software providers;
  • Professional personnel interested in laser design and application.

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Guests of Previous Seminar

  • Yao Jianquan,
    Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Shi Wei,
    Tianjin University
  • Chen Yan,
    Vice President,
    Han’s Laser
  • Yang Chaodong,
    Vice President,
    BWT Beijing LTD
  • Wang Pu,
    Beijing University of Technology
  • Hu Xiaobo,
    Vice President,
    Maxphotonics Co.,Ltd.
  • Li Yanming,
    Manager, Application Dpt.,
    IPG Photonics
  • Lv Qitao,
    Deputy Chief Engineer,
    Han's Laser Technology Co., Ltd
  • Li Jingzhen,
    Shenzhen University
  • Li Yonghui,
    BYD Automotive Central Research Institute
  • Shen Quhuan,
    Sapphire Technical Director,
    TDG Holding
  • Speakers of Laser Seminar 2015 are yet to be announced.


Meeting Address:Chinese The Ritz-carlton Shenzhen
Hotel Address:Three Shenzhen Road, Futian District, No. 116 (opposite the Shenzhen Exhibition Center)
Metro: 5 minutes’ walk from Exit D, Shopping Park
Bus: Convention & Exhibition Center / Yitian Mid. Road Station
Landmarkes: SPD Bank / China Resource Bank / International Chamber of Commerce Tower

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