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High-tech industry portal---OFweek has over 10 million members at present, with its various industrial websites delivering real-time industry events and in-depth analysis on hot issues, providing comprehensive news, technical and management resources for the registered members as well, while holding a variety of online and offline activities every year, providing high-tech enterprises with overall and professional services, including brand promotion, conference and exhibition, industry research, industry & city service, job hunting, investment promotion, industrial fund, e-commerce, etc.

OFweek’s information covers a wide range of high-tech fields, including electronic engineering, LED, display, solar PV, laser, optical communication, IoT, cloud computing, smart city, intelligent hardware, smart home, wearables, VR, security, li-ion battery, NEV, hydrogen, automobile, instrument, sensor, 3D printing, industry control, robot, AI, medical, energy conservation and environmental protection, smart grid, wind power, etc. Each field has an independent subsite which has become the most influential website in each industry.

OFweek has been the leading industry news sources for major search engines, delivering high-tech industry news for major domestic and foreign media.

Data in 2022 (As of September 2022) 1. OFweek Traffic: 600,000,000+
2. OFweek Membership: 10,000,000+
OFweek Industry Sites List and Membership Data:
OFweek Industry Sites Membership Data
EE.ofweek.com 1,285,436
Lights.ofweek.com 1,002,722
Solar.ofweek.com 688,388
Display.ofweek.com 628,365
ai.ofweek.com 867,571
GongKong.ofweek.com 1,061,043
Robot.ofweek.com 858,031
IOT.ofweek.com 842,764
Smartcity.ofweek.com 212,672
Medical.ofweek.com 666,271
Laser.ofweek.com 638,834
Fiber.ofweek.com 537,027
Tele.ofweek.com 331,645
Libattery.ofweek.com 603,978
Nev.ofweek.com 505,456
Auto.ofweek.com 424,901
Smarthome.ofweek.com 459,147
Znyj.ofweek.com 332,409
Im.ofweek.com 984,377
Security.ofweekcom 375,826
Hydrogen.ofweek.com 86,558
Wearable.ofweek.com 581,760
Instrument.ofweek.com 428,976
Smartocean.ofweek.com 54,857
3dprint.ofweek.com 425,417
Sensor.ofweek.com 374,201
Ecep.ofweek.com 258,365
Smartgrids.ofweek.com 243,124
VR.ofweek.com 241,408
Windpower.ofweek.com 232,650
Power.ofweek.com 216,603
Cloud.ofweek.com 40,263
Dianyuan.ofweek.com 89,735
Xincailiao.ofweek.com 10,837
Lighting.ofweek.com 213,625
Optics.ofweek.com 481,242
Chuneng.ofweek.com 59,705
dl.ofweek.com 208,820