Customer Comments

  • A happy cooperation with OFweek. Timely project docking and on-time completion as promised. Hope we can continue cooperating next year.
    OFweek has professional services and industry influence. We are working together for the bright win-win future.
    —— EXFO
  • Clear flow, high compatibility, earnest attitude, various promotion methods and great strength contribute to establishing a virtuous cycle for the corporate image. They have good control of the timeline, always invite guests that suit the target customers and deliver positive follow-ups.
    ——Serial System Ltd
  • “Advantech’s performance in the past year is closely related the joint effort from OFweek. OFweek’s rapid response during cooperation, in line with the needs of our company's promotion, its services and activities do truly comply with the cooperation concept of customer-oriented service-oriented. Hope our cooperation will further to a new stage.”
  • Together with OFweek Laser, we can create the laser processing era in China! The laser meeting was held successfully with good popularity.
  • As a high-tech web portal, OFweek is highly integrated and can provide the latest and comprehensive information of high-tech industries. OFweek offers power in our corporate brand and product promotion, so we will continue to cooperate. Wish OFweek better and better!
    ——Suzhou Bellin Laser Co., Ltd
  • is a good laser industry platform website, which has the latest information on all aspects of the laser industry. We and have been working together for many years.
    ——Suzhou Lead Laser Technology Co., Ltd
  • We received enthusiastic service from They will contact us with new suggestions and activities, and provide us with optimized solution, so that we can recruit the right candidate that we need. Wish a bright future for OFweek.
  • “ is a very good platform. As we are considering upgrading our equipment, we get in touch with several well-performed laser device vendors.”
  • We feel very happy during the cooperation with OFweek. OFweek has a high position in the industry, excellent professional team, rich online and offline channels covering all end users, and can satisfy Reeko's promotion need in the industry with its timely and diversified high-quality service, and has also enhanced the brand recognition and reputation of Reeko.
    ——Wuhan Raycus Fiber Laser Technologies Co.,Ltd.
  • “China is entering a new era of laser processing. The application of laser technology is changing with each passing day and the future is bright. Wish can make its contribution to the development of laser industry in China.”
    -- Wuhan Zhonggu Lienchiang optoelectronic technology Co., Ltd.
  • The future of the laser industry is bright and promising. Production-Study-Research can be a better combination. The meeting is very lively. The organizer has poured much energy into this meeting.
    ——Yao Jianquan, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • OFweek performs well for its online and offline seminars. It can pinpoint our customer base and achieve effective interaction to achieve desired effect. It is really a partner worthy of long-term cooperation.
  • “Thanks very much for the cooperation and support from OFweek. The cooperation with OFweek is very enjoyable. We look forward to our further cooperation.”
    -- Shenzhen Absen Optoelectronic Co. Ltd.
  • OFweek Jobht customer service is very passionate. They keep daily contact with us and keep us informed of activities timely on the phone or through e-mail. The overall service is very good.
    ——Nantong Lannuo
  • OFweek is the best in the industry, with the best services!
    ——Shenzhen Kinglight Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.
  • With a professional technical and service team, OFweek staff can take the initiative to contact us and offer specific optimized solution based on user's reading habits, and can also accept our recommendations and make adjustment according to certain services. We’ve had a successful and pleasant cooperation.
    ——Ocean Optics
  • OFweek completed a wonderful exhibition with professional services and careful arrangement. The expo has gathered many visitors and a lot of experts from relevant industries. Exhibitors have achieved great results both in products introduction and brand promotion. The success of this expo depends on the publicity and cooperation from OFweek. Many thanks again!
  • The AI expo hosted by OFweek provides a great opportunity for well-known AI enterprises to present and promote themselves. The expo attracted many audiences with high-quality visitors as well. Looking forward to much more such high-quality expos to be held by OFweek in China.
    -- DeepBlue Technology
  • It’s a great honor to be nominated at this award. The number and quality of visitors on the scene were guaranteed. Feedback from colleagues at the expo was also very satisfactory. Looking forward to more cooperation opportunities in the future!
    -- Corerain
  • is the most honest industry media platform with its timely professional information reporting and the most excellent customer service attitude.
  • Industries from OFweek are concentrated. The cooperation with OFweek Smart Home Summit was very pleasant. Wish OFweek a better future.
    ——Ayla Networks
  • is a rare media with technical soul in the robot industry media, which is based on industry technology trends and serves brand development of enterprises. A balanced attitude and professionalism will play an important role in promoting the development of the industry.
    -- Guangdong Topstar Technology Co., Ltd.
  • OFweek has high organizational skills and coordination ability, with many exciting activities organized. We’ve got a very effective communication, and we look forward to further cooperation again.
    ——Estun Robotics
  • With OFweek's strong industry resources, university researchers can easily share their years of accumulated experience and latest research results through webinars to front-line technical personnel and researchers in related fields, so as to help scientific research personnel understand the application needs of the industry, and for the engineering and technical personnel get access to the frontiers of science and technology, which has played a key role in promoting the development of science and technology in our country.
    ——Yun Chao, Robotics Institute, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • We really appreciate the invitation to attend OFweek China Medical Technology Conference 2018 from OFweek. It’s a great pleasure to discuss the innovation practice and development trend of the smart health industry with top experts in China and abroad, learn the new technologies about big data, cloud computing, mobile Internet, IoT from industry experts. The staff service from OFweek is also very caring, thank you for your effort.
  • Professional skill and careful consideration make OFweek fully qualified for organizing any large conferences. Hope OFweek would have more opportunities to show its strength in the future.
    -- Liao Hongen, Associated Dean of the Department of Biomedical Engineering, Tsinghua University, special expert of the National Thousand Talents Program
  • On Ginlong Solis’s road of advancement, OFweek has been accompanying us all the way long. Thanks very much.
    ——Ginlong Solis
  • OFweek focuses on the hi-tech industry, delivers new scientific and technological power to professional customers and the public with its own media strength.
    ——SMA New Energy Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.
  • OFweek has a high degree of control over its overall operation and planning, and it has a deep understanding about the development pattern of the internet, which is beneficial for enterprises advertising.
    ——TB Energy
  • Professional, focused, high-tech industry cluster, in-depth follow-up industry hotspots, cover comprehensive information of high-tech industries!
  • We really appreciate OFweek staff’s timely handling the problem of rare resumes, and the number of talents increased after a short period of promotion. We are deeply impressed by their professional and dedicated services. And it is a partner worthy of long-term cooperation!
    --Changzhou Sveck Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Excellent organizational work, including review, venue organization, staff arrangement, guests, etiquette, pre-meeting work, etc. OFweek has made great effort for the conference with so many enterprises and units. I was deeply impressed by the inviting and picking up of experts, accommodation, catering, meeting report arrangement, the hosting of the breakout session and guest connection, which were all carefully arranged. And all the staff from OFweek were hardworking, careful and thoughtful. Many media participated the conference, and there were live interviews from media as well, which was a great help for the promotion of enterprises. In addition, the lucky draw during the conference and the awards ceremony was very helpful for the conference and audiences. I hope that OFweek will continue to carry forward and create new glory.
    --Zeng Xiangbin, Professor of Huazhong University of Science and Technology
  • High-tech industries covered by OFweek is increasing, and the influence is also growing. I have been working with for many years. OFweek has a group of young staff, full of vitality and energy, enthusiasm and dedication, I can feel younger while working with them. has contributed a lot to the development of China's photovoltaic industry and technological progress. I am very busy, there is almost no spare time, but I manage to take time to stand with the young staff from to make my contribution to the development of the solar industry in China.
    --Sun Yun, Professor of Nankai University
  • OFweek's professional information and reports on 3D printing have been unanimously recognized in the industry and is an indispensable professional channel for corporate promotion.
    ——Shining 3D
  • With the release of IphoneX, the 3D camera with a structured light solution has drawn strong concern in the industry. ORBBEC has been working in this field for many years, based on its leading international technology and products, as well as the efficient information dissemination from different media; and OFweek's more professional and efficient service has been a big push for our marketing efforts. Thanks a lot for the strong support from OFweek.